Here are some resources to help guide you on your journey.

Recommended Reading

Robert C. Birkby 
The Boy Scout Handbook 
Boy scouts of America 1990

Percy W. Blandford 
Country Craft Tools 
Algrove Publishing

Dudley Cook 
Keeping Warm with an Ax, A Woodcutter's Manual 
Universe Books 1981

Charles A. Hevrin 
The Axe and Man 
Memphis 1997

Günter Heine 
Axe Shapes Cornered 
The Tools and Trades History Society
Tools & Trades, volume 10

Kent 1997

Torgney Jansson 
Water cobled grinding of edge tools 
Tormek, Lindesberg 1993

Henry J. Kauffman 
American Axes 
Stephen Greene Press 1972

Allan Klenman 
Axe Makers of North America 
Currie's Forestgraphics Ltd 1990

Leonard Lee 
The Complete Guide to Sharpening 
The Taunton Press 1995

B. Allan Mackie 
Building With Logs 
Firefly Books 1997

R. A. Salaman 
Dictionary of Woodworking Tools 
The Taunton Press 1990

Robert Scharff 
Firewood and your chain saw 
Reston Publishing Company, 1981

Eric Sloane 
A Museum of Early American Tools 
Ballantine Books 1973

Wille Sundqvist 
Swedish Carving Techniques 
The Taunton Press 1990

Bernie Weisgerber & Brian Vachowski 
An Ax to Grind, A Practical Ax Manual 
USDA Forest Serice 1999

Glossary of forest terms 
Swedish Centre of Technical Terminology 1969

Gränsfors Bruks AB 
Safe Wood Cutters Guide 1992 
Ancient Norther European Axes 

Sven-Gunnar Håkansson
From Log To Log House
Blue Moon Press